Joël Kabwa

Office Administrator

Joël Kabwa speaks French, German, English, and a bit of Kirundi (or, well, “I understand when my mother gives me orders.”) His family is from Burundi in central Africa (a French-speaking Belgian colony), but he was raised in Vienna, where the streets are clean, and people let you out of the metro before stampeding in.


He came to France for secondary school, and completed his studies in hotel management, economics and finance. Initially leaning towards a career in banking, he “realized that it’s not my thing.” Through professional experiences as a waiter, a conference assistant at UNESCO, and a hotel internship, hospitality became his definitive goal.


A key administrator within Quixotic, Joel manages HR, liaises with staff, and oversees accounting and financial obligations with deft organizational skill. His general administrative responsibilities are balanced with a work atmosphere that is genuinely fun, thanks to the dynamism of Quixotic’s young and international team.

Fittingly with his own multiculturalism, he enjoys diverse Paris contexts, from the African neighborhood at Château Rouge, to the classic tourist sites like Montmartre or the Eiffel Tower (“I keep on being amazed by them”).


He’s a dedicated sports fan (everything from football to boxing to swimming, plus the native-of-Austria requisite, skiing). He is also a fan of hip hop, reggae, and music from the African continent.

Inspired by Austria’s long tradition of sweets (“which inspired French bakers in the 19th century—Viennoiseries!”), he bakes cakes, biscuits, and home-made Turkish baklava.

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