7 rue Frochot
75009 Paris

Sun-Thu 19h to 4h
Fri-Sat 19h to 5h

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A Recipe for You


Jacky Rose


40ml blended Scotch whisky

20ml Blanche de Normandie

15ml house grenadine

20ml fresh lemon juice

2 dashes absinthe


Combine all ingredients with ice and shake. Strain into a chilled coupe. Garnish with a fancy lemon twist.

Good to Know

#97 Bars To Watch – World’s 50 Best Bars

Sunday Industry Night

Most extensive bourbon selection in Paris

Light-up dance floor by Adrien Rubi-Dentzel

qxp_glass_Light_up floor


Pigalle is an adventure in itself, and Glass was designed and opened to continue the centuries-long tradition of exciting nightlife in Paris’ most colorful neighborhood. We celebrate this tradition by offering great cocktails, music to get your feet moving, plus fun, fun and then more fun. From hot dogs and housemade pickles to specialty beers and cocktails on tap, Glass is both a place to let go and relax with a fantastic drink, and to gear up for some serious dancing.




Being one of the few bars in Paris licensed to stay open ’til the wee hours, Glass is a locals bar that makes all of Paris local, where friends from afar mingle with regulars to enjoy something a little bit different.

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The venue is a rendezvous point for neighborhood locals as well as the late-night meeting place for the Paris bar industry. Frequent DJ sets from local and touring bands and friends like Balades Sonores (a Pigalle record shop), as well as intimate live shows make for a dynamic space that is a welcome change from the often stuffy environments the public has come to associate with “cocktail bars”.

After three years of existence, Glass still remains one of the most original venues of the group. Why? Because Pigalle’s spirit and decadence are imbued in the walls of the bar.