Adam Tsou

Adam grew up in Connecticut working in his grandparents’ Chinese restaurant. He moved to New York City where he lived and worked for ten years. He spent five years working in finance, but decided to make a change and challenge himself in a wholly different context.


In 2009 Adam moved to Paris and trained to cook at the professional hospitality and culinary school Ecole Ferrandi in Paris, France. Upon completion of the program, he did an apprenticeship at Three Star Michelin restaurant L’Astrance under chef Pascal Barbot. He moved to Paris to cook in 2009, and trained at the renowned professional hospitality and culinary school, Ecole Ferrandi. Upon completion of the program, he did a stage at Michelin-starred restaurant L’Astrance under Pascal Barbot.


He speaks English and French.

With Quixotic, which he founded with Josh and Carina, Adam is constantly pushing the team forward with new ideas, and evolving their mission with different ways of thinking and working.


Prior to moving to France, Adam was an Investment Associate at Spring Mountain Capital, LP. an alternative investment firm based in New York City. Before working at SMC, Adam was a writer, an actor and member of the Screen Actors Guild, having starred in an ABC television movie and authored a feature length screenplay registered with the Writer’s Guild of America. Adam received a B.A. with honors(cum laude) in Psychology and Economics from New York University and was admitted to the NYU Scholars’ Circle.