Carlos Andres Peñarredonda

Chef Carlos of Candelaria has been part of the Quixotic Projects family since 2014. After cooking school in Bogotá, Carlos arrived in France directly from South America, a continent full of diverse cuisines that he has explored extensively.


Carlos had his first experiences with his father working in hotels in northern Colombia, before setting out for Lima where he discovered the secrets of Peruvian indigenous cuisine. This trip proved to be a real revelation upon which rests his culinary identity: a human cuisine, which brings people together. Sharing, generosity, respect for nature (…) are all human values that he conveys through his dishes.He then deepened his culture of Indian cuisine by touring the country, from cities to the Amazon, forging a solid knowledge of an unknown land he has made his own.

Rich of this experience, Carlos then deepened his knowledge of the flavors and techniques of the many cultures of South America thanks to his travels: Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico…, creating his own cooking identity along the way. During his travels, Carlos also met Caroline, his French companion with whom he lives today in Paris.

At Candelaria he offers a varied menu, based on Mexican products and while sometimes touching on other areas of Latin America. His cuisine, generous and sincere and Mexican at it’s core, is a subtle blend of all his influences, marked by a respect for seasonality and the systematic use of fresh and local products.

“I consider my arrival at Candelaria and my position as Chef here as a major turning point in my career and in my personal life. I have learned to understand and truly accept my identity: my cuisine, my origins, my personality…. It also brought me a new vision of cooking and human relationships and into the open-minded spirit of Quixotic Projects.”

Since 2017, Carlos has also been leading the kitchen of Hero, a new culinary horizon to explore for this stovetop globetrotter!