Creating Compelling Experiences

Drawing upon over 40 years of experience and expertise in hospitality, the Quixotic team works to activate brands; organize educational masterclasses; and form the concepts for realization of events in France and abroad.


Brand Activation

The creation, management and activation of a brand are the foundation of any business. Having created four different successful brands in a market that is not native to its founding partners, Quixotic Projects understands the nuances of a given marketplace and understands how to distinguish oneself from the crowd. 



We have organized many masterclasses over the years as an effective way for brands to reach on-trade professionals that will be talking about their product to consumers.


bespoke events

Creating unique events is not an easy endeavor. We thrive on opportunities to collaborate with others to help them achieve their goals and create a memorable experience for their target audience.

would you like us to create a compelling experience for your brand?