Diane Vandenbroucke

I am from Yonne, a part of the Burgundy region. I first arrived in paris to pursue my studies in performing arts. Then I decided to change my route after I received my licence in this field.


This is how I started to work in the catering field. When I started working behind the bar, I immediately loved it… It convinced me to pursue in this direction and I decided to resume studies at the age of 24 : i started a barman course in order to have a degree corresponding to my new activity.

After this formation, I worked at the Buddha bar, where I really started to learn the reality of this work and to develop my knowledge. In 2012, after a severe motorbike accident, that kept me entirely blocked for over 6 months, my career was put into question. After this, I persisted to keep on working in this job that is my passion : working behind the bar.

That is when I joined the Quixotic Projects family and the team at Glass, where I stayed more than 2 years. After a short time working at the Red House, I came back in the Quixotic team and started to work at Le Mary Celeste, where I still work today.

My passion for this works comes mostly from the creativity that it requires, but also from the uncertainties that come with the teamwork and the hospitality business… To develop this creative part, i take part to competitions from time to time. It gives me a different vision of my work and strengthen my ability to create.

I also maintain this creativity in my personal activities, notably with my music band in which I sing and play bass : The Atomic Poppy Soldier.