Fiona Benzemra

Our Director of Human Resources


Fiona describes her career path in a few words: “Right after school, I had many professional interests but I decided to begin my career by focusing on an English degree during college. Afterwards, I opted for a BTS (a French professional certificate) in management, and simultaneously looked for a job to get experience in the practical aspects of my studies. This is when I joined the Quixotic team !

Having worked for a couple of months at the office, I realized it was an enriching learning experience so I therefore decided pursue a Human Resources degree. I asked the bosses if I could alternate work and school and they accepted; being given this positive response has let me work and be part of many amazing projects within the group.

Today, it has been almost two years since I joined Quixotic and I’m really glad I have met so many fantastic people. Thanks to Josh, Carina, Adam and all the team for the great welcome when I started and for the lovely harmony in which we work every day.”