Jenifer Foulard

Our beautiful Manager/Miss Mary Celeste 2014 tells us about her career and her thoughts on the business.


I am 31 years old, I was born in Trappes in the suburbs of Paris but I grew up in Pornic, a small town on the Nantes coast. I would describe myself as someone who has a somewhat nervous character because I prefer when things are in constant movement rather than standing still. I am also someone who loves creativity and new experiences.

My early beginnings in the restaurant business are something I owe to my family. My grandmother and mother are passionate about hospitality and service, so I said to myself that maybe I would do something different! So I started doing international business studies, followed by art studies related to set design and layout. Nonetheless, I kept on working in restaurants and bars because it was a convenient way to make money and I always felt very comfortable with the job.


After traveling the world (Mexico, Argentina, United Kingdom etc) and trying out other jobs, I decided to settle in Paris and try my luck in the cocktail world following a meeting with Carlos Madriz. It’s been two years since this meeting and I’m still here! I guess I’ve proven myself and finally, I’m like my mother!

I started as a waitress at Le Mary Celeste; quickly thereafter, I moved to the bar under the teaching of Carlos, who was there for me alongside Simon Perich or Mika Mas. I was lucky to have them as teachers and get to work with a group of very passionate ladies that never cease to amaze me and make me want to go further.

In all honesty, I admit to not being a mixology geek since I also love the management of an institution and that is why I now gladly have the manager job.
Le Mary Celeste has been two years of hard work, good energy and wonderful people. It is working with a staff of nearly twenty different nationalities and personalities, where each of their imperfections is filled by the qualities of one another.
One day I stopped myself and thought: I am really made for this.